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LED Signs
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State Park LED Signs


You can increase your visibility and attract more customers by putting up a retro neon vibe on your company front. But bear in mind that neon signs are expensive and not the most environmentally friendly signage option. However, our State Park LED signs are here to save the day!

custom lighted storefront sign

Carolina Signs and Wonders is well-known in terms of designing, fabricating, and installing LED signs and other types of business signage. We are dedicated to shaping LED tubes into any letter, number, symbol, or icon you desire. Alternatively, depending on your needs, we can install LED displays or add LED lighting to your existing or traditional sign.

We will never fail to personalize your LED sign according to your budget, branding guidelines, signage purpose, and the location where to install your signage. Whatever type of LED sign you prefer, we can guarantee its durability, and the final installation will be done safely and efficiently.

You can contact our signage experts now to find out ways to outperform your business rivals.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders now at (803) 918-5404 for your Free Consultation with a State Park LED Sign expert!

Indoor LED Signs

LED signs are equally useful tools as outdoor and indoor signs. It can be a great and striking assistance for wayfinding, indoor advertising, interior design, encouraging impulse purchases, or simply letting people know your business is currently operating.

backlit lobby sign“OPEN” signs, which are made from flexible LED tubes, belong to our best-selling list. The LED tubes can be bent into any shape you desire, allowing them to carve your company name at the entrance. You can also label order/pickup stations, distinguish restrooms or exits, or transform them into eye-catching interior design elements by creating fascinating images, excerpts, and others.

If you want to replace neon signs to achieve versatility and cost-effectiveness, then you can definitely use LEDs as a replacement. Buying and maintaining this material is the most efficient and sustainable way to get an illuminated sign.

If LED tubes aren’t your style, LED displays or added LED lighting to other signs (like channel letters and cabinet signs) can also be great options for you.

Programmable LED Message Centers

LED message centers can be programmed to change the information shown in them whenever you want and need it.

State Park LED Signs custom lighted led pole pylon sign 300x225Using your computer, you can effortlessly enable this change and have your new products or events instantly reinforced.

When we talk of advertising, the functionality it provides can save you both time and money. You don’t have to constantly change your signage to meet the changing promotional content or when your price levels and list of options shift with these LED message centers.

You can either install these LED message centers as standalone signage or integrate them into existing business signs such as monument signs and pole signs. Get it even more customized through a monochrome and a full-color display.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

Carolina Signs and Wonders is a full-service signage provider, delivering State Park LED signs as part of a broader service.

lighted sign repair and installOur trusted local shop houses professional signage designers, signage manufacturing specialists, and installation experts who will complete every process of your sign seamlessly and quickly.

Be confident that your LED sign will have an attractive design and suitable image based on your company specifications. Our professional fabrication team will ensure that all conditions are taken into account and that your signage is as long-lasting as you need it to be.

Our installation team is well-resourced with all of the tools needed and can expertly install your sign, so you don’t have to worry about the final product. We’ll make sure your LED signs’ power sources are properly configured and that your sign runs smoothly for a long period of time.

Free LED Sign Consultation

State Park LED Signs carolina signs logo 300x205LED signs will undoubtedly provide visibility 24/7, which will help you expand your marketing rates.

In whatever weather condition, whenever you want, your customers will keep arriving with your consistent and vibrant outdoor signs and your captivating indoor signs.

To learn how our high-quality State Park, SC LED signs can help you achieve your business goals, speak with one of our LED signage experts now!

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders today at (803) 918-5404 for your Free Consultation with a State Park LED Sign expert!