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Monument Signs
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Horatio Monument Signs


Invest in attention-grabbing outdoor signage if you want to witness a rapid increase in sales and marketing engagement. Monument signs provide maximum attraction and are among the most reliable types of signage, bringing a worthy first impression and unfailing attraction to your target market.

custom foam monument sign

Carolina Signs and Wonders offers personalized Horatio monument signs that will be designed and manufactured right in our local shop. After completing the installation by our trusted professional installation team, we guarantee that the sign you receive equally meets your visibility and branding requirements at a very reasonable price.

Upon your approval of the design, we will use long-lasting materials to create an appealing product for your needs. Our signage experts will then assist you in selecting an ideal location where we can install your sign. We will make your entrance more impressive, enabling your monument sign to display essential business details and act as a landmark at the same time.

Whether you have a single business or a multi-tenant commercial building, our monument signs will be a long-term marketing investment worthy of your time and money.

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An Impressive Entrance

Having a prominent entrance, potential customers will certainly remember your location, and you can get the opportunity to make your business stand out. Our product can also give you an advantage over your competitor through our professional and appealing designs. Your customers will definitely receive a wonderful experience!

custom monument signAt Carolina Signs and Wonders, producing spectacular and long-lasting Horatio monument signs is within our expertise. You are free to pick among a variety of materials to best suit your style based on your branding and budget. Stone, concrete, brick, marble, and aluminum are all options.

If you are aiming for a traditional, elegant look, we can etch or carve the details you want on your monument sign into concrete or any material you prefer. For a modern look, a digital panel can be used to make your sign. In addition, if you want an extraordinary entrance all day round, we can input LED lighting into your monument sign, or exterior lighting such as landscape spotlights can also be used.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Tenant Monument Sign

Monument signs will benefit multi-tenant buildings just as single-tenant businesses can. We can customize and install it by the roadside for you, indicating which businesses or offices are located inside your building. This will provide similar visibility to all of your tenants, including those who rent the spaces within your building.

Monument signs with multiple tenants include industrial parks, office towers, and shopping malls. We typically advise using them in conjunction with lightboxes so that your business can be advertised 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To look more modern and be able to use shifting messages or graphics, you may use digital displays.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Carolina Signs and Wonders assures reasonable prices and guarantees durable and aesthetic final products.

Custom Monument SignInvesting in our Horatio monument signs is worthwhile since you can attract as many customers as you can rather than staying on a less expensive storefront sign and banner that just merely hangs without performing its purpose.

Worrying is not an option because we can create a monument sign that is tailored to your budget. We will create an initial design in which the type and size of your signage material will be appropriate for your budget and business personality. Then we will immediately create, deliver, and install your signage right after receiving your approval of the overall plan and design.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Horatio Monument Signs carolina signs logo 300x205Providing your entrance with a head-turning storefront sign will help you stand out from the crowd and increase your everyday sales and customer interactions.

Even if your building entrance is far from the highway, our Horatio, SC monument sign can attract more customers than you can imagine.

Our monument signs are made of durable, weather-resistant materials and are proven to provide prominent long-lasting landmarks. Fill it out with all of your vital business information and magnetize countless customers in no time!

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders today at (803) 918-5404 for your Free Consultation with a Horatio Monument Sign expert!