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They say that a business or establishment can only get the following it needs if they have an impressive storefront and outdoor display. A good storefront setup and outdoor displays can show potential clients that the business is trustworthy and has greater offerings compared to its competitors.

custom lighted signs

If you wish to give your business an effective way to improve its image and make your target market curious about the business, it would be wise to invest in personalized Horatio outdoor signs. You can trust Carolina Signs and Wonders to make the best outdoor signs for your brand. We can create all types of outdoor signs that will help you meet your business goals and improve the way people see your brand.

We can design outdoor signs to match your branding, design criteria, and business goals, with the prices low and the quality of the signs high. This will allow people to see that you are a brand they can trust, and you will have signs that will last for a long time. Our service is highly-rated, and you will be assigned to one of our sign experts to guide you through the service.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders at (803) 918-5404 today for your Free Consultation with a Horatio Outdoor Sign expert!

Storefront & Building Signs

custom outdoor building signs

Your storefront must be eye-catching and look professional if you want people to check your business and what you have to offer.

Your target market may end up missing your store completely if there are no visible markings on your storefront. If you do have storefront displays, they may not do business with you because your display is unimpressive and of low quality.

Carolina Signs and Wonders’s Horatio outdoor sign service aims to change the way people perceive your business. We will make the best storefront signs for your business to increase your business’s visibility and give your target market a reason to check your offerings. Our team will also build the right building signs that will support your storefront sign and provide additional information for your target market to check.

Both your storefront and building signs will be made from durable materials, and your design will be printed using UV ink, which will remain vibrant even when exposed to harsh elements and lighting. We will also take into consideration your location when we install your storefront and building signs so that it will get the impressions your business needs to grow.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

custom dimensional signs

Channel and dimensional letters are perfect outdoor signs to pick if the classic look is your target for your business.

These signs can be formed into letters, numbers, symbols, and images in your brand’s colors and theme. However, when it comes to its lighting, channel letters come with hollow spaces inside where the LED lights can be placed, while dimensional letters can have it as a backlight or external lighting.

Channel and dimensional letters are suited for any business or establishment. When it is installed, it will become a part of the storefront and offer a classic and professional look for the establishment.

Lighted Signs

Lighted signs are highly recommended if you have evening hours or require a sign that works 24/7. These signs are available in various types, including digital signs, LED signs, cabinet signs, and others.

custom lighted storefrontWe use LED lights for our lighted signs because it is cheaper to maintain and replace, plus it is very flexible to use. It also does not require a lot of electricity to use and achieves high brightness.

LED lights are also available in different lighting formats, such as neon lights, allowing users to achieve traditional lighted signs without spending a lot of money on them. Neon lights, in particular, are difficult to use because it is expensive to acquire, use and replace.

Lighted signs are recommended for any business with evening hours, such as convenience stores, restaurants, theaters, gas stations, and malls.

Custom Sign Panels

Custom sign panels are affordable, flexible signs that you can pick as storefront signs.

custom storefront sign panelThis type of sign is customizable in every aspect to match your dream design, from its shape, and size to content. You can even connect two sign panels together to create the image you plan to show to your target market.

For custom sign panels, you can be as detailed as you want when it comes to its content or as general as you want. It can also be done in black-and-white or in full color. In terms of lighting, we can add external or internal lighting while adjusting the opacity of the panel if needed.

Our Horatio, SC sign company will make sure that the panels you request from us are durable, eye-catching, and within your budget. We will also handle the electrical components, so it will not cost you a lot of money to run.

Sign panels are suited for any establishment looking for flexible storefront signs, especially for startups, small businesses, etc.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Do you want to make it easier for your customers and passersby to browse your offerings while waiting outside? Do you want an outdoor display for your windows and entrances that are uniform to look at? If your answer is yes, canopy and awning signs are the answer.

custom awning signThese signs are made from stretched canvas or other similar material that can be printed on with your logo, business name, and slogan. However, their installation does vary.

Awning signs are mounted directly on the building, usually in the front windows. It provides shade in these areas, especially for tables that are near these areas. Meanwhile, canopy signs have a more extended coverage compared to awning signs. This also requires the sign to have extra support to hold it up for a long time. Canopy signs are also used as a part of the front door, providing shelter to incoming guests.

Both canopy and awning signs are perfect for businesses that want to have a unique storefront and offer shelter to incoming visitors or passersby.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are a must-have if you want to make a striking first impression on your customers and on anyone passing by your facility.

custom foam monument signThese signs are made from solid material – usually foam-core, aluminum, metal, stone, or concrete – and placed at the entrance of the facility. Regardless of what material you pick for your monument signs, they can be customized to any shape you want and display the information you want people to know. The details can be etched on the main body of the monument signs or flashed through a digital sign panel. We can also add lighting for an added effect.

If designed perfectly, these monument signs not only can be a perfect marketing tool for your business but also a memorable landmark for your community.

Monument signs are commonly used by hospitals, universities, resorts, and government facilities.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

If you want to have a wider reach with the help of your outdoor signs, the best signs for the job are pylon or pole signs.

custom digital pole signThese signs are hard to miss because of their height and dimensions. Even if your business is far away from the roadside or highway, they will immediately see your location through the help of these signs.

Aside from serving as a storefront sign, pole and pylon signs are used as multi-tenant signs. It enables each tenant to display their name and branding, allowing people to be exposed to their respective brands while knowing where they are located.

For pole and pylon signs, we can add extra features to them to make them more visible and brand-specific. Some of the features we can add include lighting, electronic message centers, and extra weatherproofing. We guarantee that the materials we will use for your pole and pylon signs are durable despite the weather conditions, as well as get the electric components installed safely. Our team will also handle the application forms needed for its installation to prevent your business from getting into trouble with the authorities.

Pole and pylon signs are perfect for any commercial establishment, such as gas stations, shopping centers, diners, fast food chains, automobile retailers, and malls.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

Carolina Signs and Wonders is always ready to deliver the right type of outdoor sign for your business, no matter how complicated the design is or if you are on a budget.

post panel outdoor sign directoryWe have the team, materials, tools, and experience ready to get them done on your set schedule, guarantee its quality and keep the service affordable even if you are on a budget.

What makes us stand out from our competition is the fact that we tailor all the projects we make to the client’s preferences to the letter. This will guarantee that you will be able to reach your goals and have the right outdoor signs that perfectly match your brand well.

Some of the outdoor signs we can make for you include:

Our Horatio outdoor signs service is just one of the many sign services we offer at Carolina Signs and Wonders. If you don’t see the sign type you want us to work on for you, let us know, and we’ll check your request and help you make it a reality.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Carolina Signs and Wonders is your full-service sign company for all your business sign requests.

custom outdoor dimensional signsWe can make any type of business sign imaginable, from outdoor to indoor signs. We can design, manufacture, install and maintain it for you without costing a lot of money in the process.

Signing us up as your sign partner guarantees that you will get eye-catching designs for your signs, and it will reinforce the brand well. Every aspect of the design will match well with your brand, from its font and colors to its slogan. They will also be easy to read and understand, and they will not be inconsistent.

We use only the best materials for all our signage products while still keeping up with your budget. Before your signs are brought to your location, they will be quality-checked by our team to make sure it has everything you are looking for. Our installation team will then sort out the installation of your signs and make sure all of its components are working. We will also help in maintaining these signs for better performance.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

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A business’s overall image can easily tell customers if the business is a brand they can trust and if the business values producing quality products and services for their customers. If you want prospects to give you their time and transform them into paying customers, you need to present yourself well with the help of great outdoor signs.

With our Horatio, SC sign company at your disposal for your signage needs, you can boost your marketing campaign and establish your brand as a trustworthy one. Our full sign service will make everything stress-free and provide you with outdoor signs that truly speak to your customers and make them excited about your brand.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders at (803) 918-5404 today for your Free Consultation with a Horatio Outdoor Sign expert!