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Pylon Signs
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Lexington Pylon Signs


If you want to increase your average ticket, it’s important to maximize your building’s visibility and marketing opportunities. You will need to invest in attractive signage that can be strategically installed in high-traffic areas, such as our high-quality Lexington pylon signs.

custom tenant pylon sign

In addition to these signs’ towering heights, Carolina Signs and Wonders will give them a design that’s compelling and brand-appropriate to help improve your business performance.

More importantly, we will make them out of durable materials so you can effectively use them for highway advertising—allowing you to let your business stand out and reach a wider audience.

Our custom pylon signs are ideal for both stand-alone businesses and multi-tenant buildings. They can make as many people as possible familiar with your brand even if you are located far from the highway. Even your most secluded tenant can attract customers to their business!

So if you’re looking for maximum visibility and the opportunity for 24/7 promotion, our pylon signs can be the cost-effective solution you want.

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Illuminated Sign Boxes

pylon illuminated sign boxesIt’s already hard not to notice a pylon sign due to its height. But if you want to ensure that your potential customers won’t miss your location, illuminate your pylon sign to make it visible no matter the time of day or kind of weather.

By utilizing illuminated sign boxes, your pylon sign can effectively promote your business non-stop. This will greatly benefit establishments that operate at nighttime, such as convenience stores, diners, gas stations, and hotels. Customers can easily spot your location even from afar, so they’ll never miss your building and go to your competitor with more visible signage.

Don’t worry about the energy consumption too. Our Lexington pylon signs are manufactured with LED lighting, so you will not only have a lower purchase cost compared to other illuminated signage, but you’ll also reduce the energy you use and your impact on the environment.

Affordable Tenant Signs

If you own a multi-tenant establishment, our custom pylon signs will prove incredibly helpful in promoting all of your tenants.

custom tenant signYou can fit a lot of panels dedicated to each of your tenants with one towering pylon sign, allowing people to recognize all the business they can find within your building—even those located in the innermost office spaces.

Included in our frequent clients for multi-tenant pylon signs are business parks, shopping malls, and office buildings. The signage we provide will be customized to every client’s branding, budget, and location. We can either fully customize each panel based on your tenants’ brand elements or settle on a uniform font using channel letters. You can also choose illuminated panels, interchangeable faces, or digital displays.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

Pylon signs are highway advertising tools that will promote your business around the clock. This means that they are exposed to different weather conditions 24/7, making it necessary to use durable and cost-efficient materials to make them last longer.

custom pylon signAnd the good news is that Carolina Signs and Wonders has already mastered the manufacturing of durable pylon signs using materials that won’t break your budget!

Our signage experts will ensure that your signage is protected from rusting and oil-canning, using the appropriate painting techniques and metal reinforcements. We will even use top-grade structural steel frames and aluminum coverings for maximum lifespan. We will also provide a protective coating for your sign faces, which could be made from vinyl, acrylic, polycarbonate, or channel letters.

Rest assured, we will provide you with Lexington pylon signs that can withstand heavy rains and scorching heat for an extended period.

Full-Service Sign Company

Carolina Signs and Wonders is one name you can always trust to produce high-quality custom business signs. With complete equipment and long years of professional experience, we can cater to all levels of required customization and provide our clients with attractive, durable signs that will effectively help them reach their marketing goals.

Outdoor Tenant Pylon SignOur pylon signs, for example, are among our in-demand products that are perfected in our own local shop. We have graphic designers who can help ensure that your pylon sign can reinforce your branding efforts while catching the attention of as many potential customers as possible. Our designers can either create the design on their own or improve your already existing art file.

After finalizing the design of your pylon sign, our manufacturing team will realize every detail with the utmost meticulousness and accuracy. We can even guarantee that we’ll use the best material that fits your budget, making your signage as durable as it can get in the most cost-effective way.

And to top this all off, we conclude our services with an installation process that will secure your pylon sign in a high-traffic area. We will make sure that it won’t topple over anytime soon and that it will work seamlessly in promoting your business. If you have it illuminated, we’ll see to it that its power source is flawlessly working.

Free Pylon Sign Consultation

Lexington Pylon Signs carolina signs logo 300x205If your business is located far from the main road, hidden behind other establishments, or operating during nighttime, investing in our Lexington, SC pylon signs can provide significant improvement in your visibility, daily customer traffic, and average sales.

Talk to our signage experts now, and we’ll gladly walk you through all your customization options. Rest assured, you will gain a wider marketing reach and expand your customer base in no time.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders today at (803) 918-5404 for your Free Consultation with a Lexington Pylon Sign expert!