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Lighted Signs
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State Park Lighted Signs

With eye-catching and professional-looking signage, your business can invite a lot of potential customers. But with State Park lighted signs that will allow you to maximize your visibility 24/7, you can double your customer traffic no matter the time of day!

custom illuminated channel letters

At Carolina Signs and Wonders, we can design, fabricate, and install the custom lighted sign that will help improve your business’s bottom line. With regard to your budget and brand image, we will use premium materials to give you a business sign that will stay attractive for as long as you want.

Whether you want to gain more traffic with captivating outdoor signs or you want to provide a better customer experience with help from aesthetically pleasing indoor signs, we can customize the lighted signs that will fit your specific purpose.

Discuss your needs with our signage experts now, and we’ll plan on how to best deliver the most satisfactory product while staying within your budget range.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders today at (803) 918-5404 for your Free Consultation with a State Park Lighted Sign expert!

Traditional Neon Signs

The retro charm of traditional neon signs stays captivating in this modern market.

custom neon signIt’s even more beneficial in nighttime-operating businesses that are looking to expand their customer base. Unfortunately, traditional neon signs are costly to purchase, consume too much energy, and are harmful to the environment.

That is why at Carolina Signs and Wonders, we offer our high-quality LED signs as better alternatives to neon. These LED signs come in thin polymer tubes that are also flexible enough to be bent into the shape of any letter, number, symbol, and icon that you wantβ€”just like traditional neon signs.

LED signs are better than neon, though, due to their lower energy consumption and cost-efficiency. They are also safe for the environment and, unlike neon, stay clearly visible under daylight. All of these amount to why LED signs are among our most in-demand State Park lighted signs!

Lighted LED Signs

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel LettersAside from the LED tubes that mimic the look of traditional neon signs, LED signs are also available in the form of LED-illuminated standard signage. These include cabinet signs, channel letters, and other types of signage that can be incorporated with LED lighting. And like LED tubes, these business signs can help increase your daily from morning until nighttime.

Lighted LED signs are mostly used in businesses like convenience stores, hotels, gas stations, diners, and theaters. They are also not only ideal for outdoor use as they can spice up your interior and make your customer more enticed with how professional and aesthetically pleasing your building looks. And if you do use them outdoor, rest assured that Carolina Signs and Wonders will use durable materials so your LED sign will last for as long as you need it to.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Aside from making your storefront more attractive to your potential customers, lighted signs also have numerous indoor purposes.

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignYou can use them to further promote your products and gain some impulse sales. They can also simply add to the charm of your place, making customers inclined to visit more often.

If you prefer the LED signs in the form of polymer tubes, you can bend them into the shape of your logo and business name and display them in your lobby. Or you can also use them as decorative elements, shaping them into quotes, images, and other aesthetical forms that are relevant to your business.

Additionally, LED lighted signs can serve as wayfinding tools. They offer an attractive way of labeling your establishment’s exit points, toilets, check-out counters, and other stations or offices.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Another popular type of State Park lighted signs are programmable digital message centers.

Dairy Queen Pylon SignThey will give your business a modern appeal that captivates younger people. They can also save you money in the long run since you can automatically change their displays instead of installing other signage.

Given their convenience, digital message centers are ideal for displaying real-time information like current prices, new promotions, updated business hours, and special offers, among others. You even have the option of using either the monocolored or full-color display in your message centers.

Moreover, you can have these signs installed as a standalone structure or as part of monument signs or pole signs.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

The quality of your signage can affect how your potential customers see your brand and also determine how worthwhile your marketing investment has been. That’s why if you want to have the best custom business sign that fits your budget, work with the signage experts at Carolina Signs and Wonders.

State Park Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225We are a trusted name in the signage-making industry that offers comprehensive services. From the graphic design to the fabrication and installation, everything needed to give you a high-quality sign will be handled by our team of experts. We are more than capable of customizing your signs to your 100% satisfaction, regardless of your brand image, budget, and specific marketing purpose.

Whether you want our popular State Park, SC lighted signs or other types of custom business signs, we can manufacture and install your desired signage with utmost accuracy. Rest assured, you will have signs and graphics that are not only appealing to your target market but will also last for a long time.

Free Lighted Sign Consultation

State Park Lighted Signs carolina signs logo 300x205If you want to keep your sales up and succeed in your industry, set yourself apart from your competitors. You can start by creating an attractive, unique storefront and a captivating interior.

By making your establishment irresistible, more people will check your business out, and you’ll maximize your opportunity to impress them with your actual offerings and turn them into business patrons.

Fortunately, you can do this by investing in our cost-effective lighted signs. With LED lighting illuminating your business, you can invite people in 24/7!

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders now at (803) 918-5404 for your Free Consultation with a State Park Lighted Sign expert!